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Introducing Gigato, a Platform that Pays for your Mobile Data!

  • Users Receive Mobile Data for Using Apps Normally
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“Gigato is a great platform for app publishers. It removes the perception of any data-related cost barrier and allows us to compete with the most popular apps, like Facebook and Whatsapp, at very little cost. Not only does Gigato reactivate dormant users and leads to growth, it helps retain users by rewarding their activity with free data.”

Aristotle Socrates

Head of Growth and Data Scientist, Voxer

“An average user spends more than 55 minutes a day on TrulyMadly. Since a large percentage of our users are in 18-24 age group are sensitive about their data spends, partnership with Gigato will help us in offering a seamless experience to these users.”

Hitesh Dhingra

Founder, TrulyMadly, TrulyMadly