Have a problem that can’t be solved here? Contact [email protected] Q: It’s not working for me even though I installed it. A: Gigato only works on pre-paid accounts not on post paid accounts. Make sure your WiFi is turned off too – Gigato only allows you to earn data on 2G/3G/4G networks.   Q: Which operators and circles do you support? A: We support all operators and circles in India. From time to time there are network outages and poor connectivity and we are forced to remove a circle from our coverage. If a recharge fails please try to connect again when you have a better network.   Q: How many times I can recharge per day? A: Please note you can only request one recharge at a time every 30 minutes. Currently you can request for 1 recharge in a 24 hour timeframe. You can request a recharge again the next day. You can still earn data even if you have received your maximum recharges.

  1. How many recharges can I earn in a week? A: Most users can earn at least one recharge a week if not more, depending on usage and current promotions.

Q: Why did I get blocked on my old device? A: Gigato only allows one device per phone number. If you signed up on Gigato with the same phone number on a new device, Gigato will be deactivated on the old device.

  1. What is the meaning of current balance?

Current balance shows the value of available data in your Gigato Data Wallet.   Q: I don’t see any promotions A: You can pull down to refresh. If that doesn’t work, briefly connect your device to WiFi to load the promotions as your connection may be too slow. Then disconnect from WiFi and start using Gigato or check back in 20-30 minutes if WiFi is not available.   Q: How do I earn mobile recharge credits? Step 1: Simply open Gigato everyday when you are on 2G/3G/4G. Step 2: Make sure you are not using your apps on wifi. Step 3: Pick an app from the ‘Earn’ tab. Step 4: Use it for the amount mentioned. Step 5: Accumulate megabytes in your Gigato Data Wallet and see them under the ‘Recharge’ tab. Step 6: Redeem data packs once you have enough megabytes. Step 7: Continue using apps and install new apps from the New App Section to earn more data quickly!   Q: My recharge failed, what can I do? A: Don’t worry! Your balance will only be deducted if the recharge was successful so you can try again. Also check to make sure that the operator and circle are correct. If you have reached your limit of 1 recharge request please wait 24 hours before trying again. From time to time we experience network connectivity issues, please try to recharge again, or if the problem persists, contact support.   Q: How can I change my operator and circle? You can navigate to your Profile section and click on Update button to change your operator.   Q: Why didn’t I get an SMS verification code? A: There maybe several reasons for not receiving the verification SMS such as temporary issues from your operator and network connectivity may have been delayed. If the problem persists, please contact [email protected]   Q: Why am I permanently banned? A: Your account was suspended because we detected repeated suspicious activity. Please contact [email protected] for more details.   Q: This app won’t install on my device A: Sorry, Gigato requires Android 4.1 and up at this time.   Gift Codes & Referral Codes Q: How Do I Use Gift/Referral Codes?   A: On the app in the menu there is a “Redeem Bonus Data” section. Click on it and enter your code. If you are a new user you can enter your referral code at sign up and receive an instant benefit.

Q: How do I earn referral codes? A: Referral Code promotions are only turned on from time to time. You can see your personal share code in the Gigato App’s main menu and everytime you share it, you will earn data when your friend installs and uses the app. On occasion codes from our app partners may be sent to you via the app or in SMS. When promotions are turned on share the code widely! When they are off, you can still earn great data on our regular promotions.

Q: My code is not working – what happened? A: Gigato referral codes are currently single use only, which means you can only share with one friend and they can redeem only once. Other promotional codes may be supplied from time to time.

Q: Why can’t I use this code on my own device? A: Referral Codes are only for referrals of new installs and new users – they don’t work for existing users, sorry! We sometimes run promotions for existing users, so keep an eye out!   Q: What is #FreeDataDay and how can I find out about it ? A: Gigato runs extremely limited and random promotions when we have free data to give away to our new users only. We like to keep it a surprise but you can be the first to know by liking our Facebook page and following us on Twitter.   Q: What is Bonus Data? A: Bonus Data is a one time promotion for new and existing users who open Gigato for 7 days straight, you earn 5MB per day and then on the 7th day you get a final bonus of 20MB. This is a one time per user offer. Don’t see it yet on your device? Don’t worry, you will see it soon. Any other questions? Feel free to email us at [email protected] with your operator, circle and phone number and we can help you troubleshoot. Thanks and have a great day!